Amorsexoydeseo is a  Transmedia Project to connect with pleasure. It includes different ways to produce endorphines:


*Performances/Videoperformances youtube Tetactiva/Videodanza ASD + los bebés de gelatina (work in progress)

*Research and Transformation: Interviews, Workshops for Companies and Tours

*Literature and Book Shower activities



Amorsexoydeseo is the name I baptized my project in order to visualize the most important things for women. Without Desire -that strong and constant strength- we would not be seeking pleasure objects and being sought by them. Sex is not just genitalia but also the integration between biology and language in an unconscious and effective way. Love as an experience of time and a social tie within the possibility of losing our preferred object and part of our narcissism engaged on it.


This project is an intersection between performance, literature and psychoanalysis. Its main aim is to connect women and men with pleasure in order to increase their productivity (social goal). As it is known after the freudians discoveries, we all have resistance to go directly to our desires, we prefer roundings and obstacles. Fear and shyness usually stop us from realizing what we really want and this has several effects in institutions where women lead and work.